Make A Joyful Noise!



If you have attended conference before then you have undoubtedly experienced an incredible move of God through worship. You never know what to expect when the singers and musicians get

in place other than the guarantee that you WILL be ushered into HIS presence. You will

experience a freedom like no other. A freedom to sing, dance, jump, shout, cry. Here we worship wholeheartedly

in spirit and in truth.

The Conference Band is directed by

Pastor Kelly Goins

Senior Pastor of Watts Bar Church.

He is an anointed man of God and brings a fresh new sound.


Pastor Bob Koerber

Worship Pastor of Watts Bar Church


The Conference Band is mainly made up of anointed musicians from Watts Bar Church along with the Praise Team. The Conference Choir is made up of many singers from many churches attending conference.





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